We provide industry communities through which we support female career advancement and strengthen business effectiveness.

There is no one size, fits all approach to diversifying the workplace, therefore we believe having a holistic program tailored specifically to women at different stages of their career, and giving them access to a community and a wealth of resources, we can help accelerate them through the pipeline, in turn aiding diversification and creating a new inclusive culture.

The Hurdles

  • A business is only as good as the individuals that support it. Attracting, retaining and up-skilling people is vital.
  • Good communication across a business is essential to make people feel included. Without it people become inefficient and demotivated.
  • The direction of any business is led from the boardroom. Providing access to this thought leads to greater commitment from all.
  • Diversity in the boardroom allows for greater challenge to decisions made and therefore better business outcomes.

The Actions

  • We work to improve your retention of diverse talent by providing individual support and training for key talent.
  • Creation of a culture where communication flows and innovation can thrive. We create a safe space where individuals can connect.
  • We provide access to industry thought leaders to aid career progression, improving the migration of talent to the boardroom.
  • A series of sessions with subject matter experts who advise on current and upcoming industry issues.

Our history

The ISC Group initially started as a business network for senior female executives in insurance in 2008, known as the Insurance Supper Club. Since then, through the intimate and structured approach to its events, ISC Group developed into a global business community uniting females from insurance across the world.

At the beginning of 2019, ISC Group branched out and created Aspire Membership (previously known as HTS Stargate) for high potential females in the Insurance industry to give this key talent the same opportunities as the senior women. ISC Group gives this group of talented women the chance to unite with peers across the market, as well as offering them the resource of the Executive members who act as mentors.

ISC Group is a Community Interest Company (CIC)) founded by Barbara Schonhofer MBE in 2008; everything we do is aimed at benefitting our profession and broader society.