Our mission is to support the retention, attraction and promotion of all women in the insurance industry to aid culture change in leadership and improve business results for all.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to diversifying the workplace. Therefore, we believe having a global industry community and a holistic programme tailored specifically to women at different stages of their career helps accelerate women through the pipeline, in turn aiding diversification and creating a new, inclusive culture.

Our Global Community

We initially launched as a network for senior women in the UK but quickly developed into a global business community uniting women across the world. It is this global experience that we built our four key pillars on.

  • In 2008, the Insurance Supper Club was founded with 12 members.
  • In 2012, chapters were launched in the USA and Switzerland.
  • More international chapters were launched in 2018 in Canada, France, Ireland and Bermuda.
  • Now in 2020, we are an organisation of 1500+ members, 30+ corporate partners and operating in 8 cities.

Our Holistic Programme

Throughout the past twelve years, we have identified four key pillars that, in conjunction, have proven to accelerate women in the workplace. at any stage in their career.

  • Networking provides a safe space for challenging conversations to happen.
  • Mentoring improves communication across the industry. to reduce the seniority gap.
  • Coaching stimulates internal and external self-awareness around behaviours in business.
  • Business insights give better access to industry knowledge to accelerate career progression.

“For me, I can say that being part of the ISC community has given me the confidence to speak out and stand up for my core values of equality and inclusion for everyone”

Senior Claims Advisor,

July 2020