Gender Equality Report Committee

In partnership with GirlStats, ISC Group are launching our new initiative, the Gender Equality Report UK.

This is not another report, but a monitoring and benchmarking tool designed to help you know your gap. While the Gender Pay Gap has proven to be a great metric to track gender progression in higher paid roles, it does not showcase the work that is being done with career progression lower down in organisations.

Therefore, as an industry, we cannot track how well gender equality initiatives and programmes are working to achieve gender parity. The Gender Equality Monitor can help you monitor and pinpoint what actions to take in order to improve gender progression in your organisation. 

The project will have an online dashboard with data updated each quarter that builds on the Gender Pay Gap and the Insuring Women’s Futures Reports and provides industry standard and benchmarking opportunities for all participating companies. 

If you are interested in joining our committee and raising support for this initiative, please contact us at