Racial Justice

We are a group of ISC members who aim to:

  • Foster a welcoming environment for Women of Colour and/or Ethnic Minorities at different stages of their career, so they have a supportive community to share in and feel a sense of belongingness.
  • Elevate the profile of Women of Colour and/or Ethnic Minorities through initiatives that increase their visibility and create opportunities for learning, recruitment, promotion, allyship and thought leadership.
  • Champion courageous conversations in the industry on racial justice and celebrate the vulnerability it takes to talk about race and/or ethnicity and gender, in an open and constructive way.
  • Hold accountable individual members and partner organisations for acting with respect, intention and sufficient action to contribute to the meaningful elevation and success of Women of Colour and/or Ethnic Minorities in insurance.

We are starting 2021 with some fantastic ideas in the pipeline to bring change across the insurance industry, and welcome anyone interested in helping us with this mission.

For more information about us and what we plan to do, connect with us on LinkedIn or email admin@isc-group.co.uk

Meet the Chairs of the group:

Andrea Santolalla

Operations and Risk Expert

For any direct questions, you can get in touch with Andrea via her LinkedIn.

Megan Hodge

Founder & CEO of Cultiver LLC.

For any direct questions, you can get in touch with Megan via her LinkedIn.

Launch event: The Sponsorship Imperative Webinar 

On the 11th March 2021 and in celebration of International Women’s Day, the newly launched ISC Racial Justice Working Group hosted The Sponsorship Imperative. We are pleased to share this Event Guide which highlights the stories and action-orientated tips shared during this powerful conversation about the importance and impact of authentic sponsorship to drive greater inclusion and career advancement of Women of Colour / Ethnic Minorities. A Curated Sponsorship Imperative Resource Guide is also included to support your thought-leadership, knowledge-sharing and commitment to sponsorship.